Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Pizza Brava in Malaysia 超美味意大利披萨

hi all Pizza Hunger in malaysia~

Are you looking for delicious pizza within a very cheap price?Yes, this is what you will find in this blog. Pizza Brava established since year 2004. From a small stall in Sri Hartmas till now is already expand to Subang Jaya - Asia Cafe, PJ areas. Opening soon.. KEPONG

Pizza Brava based in original italia recipe ingrediants and traditional italian wood fire oven. Here, you will find the best pizza you never ever had. Of course, In Pizza Brava, you not only find the cheap and delicious pizza. We also provide the a very nice western food, such as Fish n chips, Caramari, Salads, steaks... etc.

However, this is only a opening introduction for this page. You will find more interesting information in followings post.

BUT! The MOST IMPORTANT things is . . . 'PREPARE your tisu to wipe your saliva.'

AWAS!! I'm not joking. It is very delicious.


We just want to let you try, what is the best and ever italian pizza in Malaysia.

TRUST ME! TAKE A TRY, you MUST never regret.

P/S: Please back here and leave some comments after you try this nice italian pizza. See you there ya!! :)

Here, i uploaded some pizza pictures.
~~ Don't suspect, you really can find a high quality and economy price italian pizza just in a FOOD COURT.
Again ,visit us in the following location . .
** KL areas -Sri Hartamas
** Subang Jaya - Asia Cafe
**Opening Soon . . KEPONG

你是不是一直在寻找即好吃又便宜的批萨?没错,这就是一向PizzaBrava对顾客的宗旨。自2004年起,首家Pizza Brava在位于Sri Hartamas的美食中心开张。除了披萨,也提供其他意大利风味的西餐。如:鱼,鸡,牛扒,沙拉,小食等。


请亲自到以下的美食中心逛逛。。 你将会发现不是吹水,更不是自夸自雷。
你将会在Pizza Brava顾客享用美食时的脸上散发出‘满足’‘幸福’的滋味。
**KL - Sri Hartamas Food Court
**Subang Jaya - Asia Cafe
**Opening Soon... Kepong

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Anonymous said...

hi, i had tried brava pizza during last weekend in Asia Cafe. It's delicious.I will continue support this stall. (^o^)